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sorry for this one is untitled… but i just wanted to tell u that i’m pissed atm… not cuz of u (i don’t hope it…) but for cardrivers in general… how can someone be dumb enough to ask me (traffic warden xP ) if there’s a free parking lot on the parking area right next beside me, when they’re able to see that there’s NO space, not even for the SMALLEST smart or mini or…

the morality of this story:

1) thou shall not ask stupid questions (clever ones are okay)

2) thou must not become a stupid cardriver (heeey: there ARE clever ones –> SURPRISE)

3) ‘insert morality here’




•April 7, 2011 • 2 Comments

i just decided to create a blog and am now officially writing my very first post.  –> HAH!!!! BLOGGERFEELING x)

if you know something bout this fun-blogging person, read the ‘about’ .

here, to let it start, is my favourite music-vid –> enjoy!!!! –> (i always wanted to write that xD)