before i start this (post? letter?): i don’t wanna offend u. i’ll just recapitulate a few comments i’ve heard/read over weeks.

the cause why i’m writing this post is, that there’s still no lpux community, no site with lpu-only stuff, no messageboards, but a stupid all-accessible lpuers-groub on and a chat (with video –> yay) that sometimes decides to just stop working.

another thing to complain about is, that every time someone tries to contact topspin media, he gets no answer. i know that it isn’t possible to change back to sparkart sites from one day to another (what’s also a thing that most people wish) cuz of contracts and so on. but i hope the next time, when u decide to work together with a new company, this company will be more trustworthy.

and there’s also something, that no one understands: why do we have to pay 60$ a year? for a chat?

i’ll not write what i’m gonna do with those facts. that’s my decision.

and i also ask my readers to not write neither what they’ll do, but just say if u do agree or if i forgot something. all other comments will be marked as spam.

thank u for reading this.

someone who is hoping, that there will be an official explanation soon.


~ by enjakuro on April 13, 2011.

17 Responses to “DEAR LPUHQ”

  1. I agree on all things but the most important point is in my opinion the high price. Many young people can’t afford it, they don’t earn money on their own and the worst, we don’t even get a shirt for it.
    LPU was a family and now it’s breaking apart. I don’t want to have a social line between LP fans. Those who can afford it and those who can’t.
    Karin Duemmlein

  2. the price is definetely too high

  3. I can’t really compare with the previous versions of LPU as I’m a new member but I quite agree with you. I don’t “regret” my registration because I met pretty lovely people on the chat, but I often wonder “Why did I spend $60??” T_T
    Regarding Topspin… I don’t order stuff from them because each time I hear about Topspin it’s in a negative way HAH!

  4. I think that LPUX is really bad. They said that LPUX is the inner circle of Linkin Park, but where is our inner cirlce??? We are at where everybody who joined the site also can join the LPUX group. We pay 60$ for a membership. We have to pay extra for merchandise. Then we come to the LPUX CD. I think there are really good songs, but why can people buy this cd although they’re no LPUX members? At the other Lpu packages you were glad when the packages was shipped, but now on what can i be glad?

  5. I agree we gave LPUX a chance to start up, some payed 60 dollars even though they knew there would only be a chat because they thought the site would slowly build up in a few months. That didn’t happen which makes the chat a very expensive one. Since the LPU always acted like a company (which doesn’t need to be bad) I guess they will only change something if their costumers don’t buy their product anymore. I am afraid that this will happen if the current LPU stays the same and that means no money for you and no LPU for us because really you can’t really call a chat and a monthly giveaway (which isn’t even monthly!) LPU. Or anyways we LPUers who experienced LPU 9 or earlier LPU years can’t really call LPUX, the LPU anymore. If things don’t change we comstumers won’t be happy with that.

  6. LPU9+LPUX features = Win!

    LPU9 was more community based. Idea’s like the summit, monthly giverways and video chats were good. But that should’ve really been an update from a long time ago in LPU9.

    LPU9 had more to offer at the lower price. If you bring back LPU9 and add LPUX and add release dates set on time (not end up never coming) you get people to stop complaining.

  7. @FudgehBunneh
    you wrote lpu9 twice

  8. lpu1-9+lpux=best lpu ever

  9. Btw I wanna add I do like the new ideas like monthly giveaways, summits and the videochat but it doesn’t fuction properly yet and 60 dollars is just too much to ask.

  10. I totally agree with you! lpu9 had much more to offer and the price was ok. but lpux is bad ..

  11. I’m gonna try and be unbiased about this. Like I was saying in the chat earlier, I don’t think Adam is gonna have time to read through all of the comments on this page. Granted, it’s better than constant spam of complaints in the LPU Facebook (seriously, which gets nothing done), it’s the same thing, just elsewhere on the internet.

    Looking at it realistically / logically, things are going to roll out when they’re going to roll out. Mike said on video chat, instead of rolling out the features one by one over time, they’re going to do it all in one go. I understand we’ve waited a LONG time it being the middle of April now, but I don’t think it has anything to do with their laziness, and I don’t think they’re doing it maliciously. Like Adam keeps telling us, there are things that are beyond their control. We can moan about it in the meantime and get all passionate about making a stand, or we can just wait it out a little longer.

    I know it’s been forever but how long can it *really* take now? That being said, if people aren’t happy with the services they’ve received for their money, they can ask for a refund. If they’re not happy with the place, they can stop going there. If it’s put them off for future, they don’t’ have to renew. It really is as simple as that.

    As far as the matter of $60 is concerned, again, the features are not rolled out yet. When they’re out, and if they’re not worth your money, feel free to revert back to spamming with complaints. In the meantime, either wait for it to fully roll out, or if more patience is not something you can part with, no one is making you go there.

  12. I totally agry.

  13. agree*

  14. I’m totally agree! And there is still not much informations about LPUX!

  15. I completely disagree with all of your comments. LPUX is like ATS; it’s gonna take a while to be at it’s best, but it’ll be worth it. I’d rather pay $60 dollars, and get to meet LP in a Summit than pay $20 bucks to get a shirt, a CD, and a guitar pick. Having a Summit experience > a guitar pick with “LPUX” on it. Just be patient, and we’ll see the LPUX in it’s completion. If you don’t like it by then, then just don’t join LPU11- easy as that. Complaining and whining won’t make all the features of LPUX come sooner, to be honest.
    I’m 15, and I was able to buy my own membership. As a result, I got to be a part of the LPU Summit in Chicago, and had an unforgettable day. So what, if I didnt get an LPUX shirt? I got to meet LP, and walk the Linkin Park stage with LPUX. LP have always kept their promises, and I’m sure they’ll deliver with LPUX. Be patient.

    • dear betty
      first i’d like to say: i’m not whining but complaining. i appreciate ur opinion, that’s also why i approved ur comment.
      but i have to add that not all of us have the possibility to attend a summit: sometimes we’re living just too far away.
      and if u then see that only chat is left, it seems like 60$ is a little bit too expensive.
      i’m honestly happy for u that u had the possibility for such an awesome expierence and can believe it’s been one of ur happiest days in life.
      but for me there’s a big lack of equality
      yours enjakuro

  16. things changed, finally =D
    lets make a tread for a new lpu tour? =P

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